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Corporate Innovation Conference 2019
By ICT Hub
Belexpo Center, Belgrade, October 22, 2019
Building up on a successfully organized Corporate Innovation Conference 2018, where we heard notable keynote speeches from Elliot Susel from Lean Startup, Sonja Kresojević an innovation strategist and co-founder of Spinnaker Co and Marius Starcke, partner at WhatAVenture, ICT Hub is announcing the biggest corporate innovation event in the area of Western Balkans in 2019: Corporate Innovation Conference 2019, which will be held on Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Overarching topic of year’s conference will be “The search for new business models”, which will tackle one of the most important topics forward-looking organizations intensively contemplate nowadays – “which business models will make my company relevant in the future?”
New technologies and digital transformation play an important role in business transformation, but the ultimate tiebreaker between the winners and losers of the future will be successful business model.
Conference will provide the mixture of global overview of the topic, presented by corporate innovation thought leaders and practitioners, combined with examples of companies and innovation leaders from Serbia and the region that are pursuing new business models as their response to increasingly changing (customer expectations and) business environment.
Continuing the tradition of boosting the local startup scene, we shall again have EXPO section in the conference hall, where last year we had 20 innovative tech startups that presented their projects and showcased their products, making them available for the visitors to see and try.

It is expected that the conference will gather more than 400 participants from Serbia and the region of Western Balkans (similarly to the 2018 conference).
This is the rough estimate of different participant segments expected at the conference:
• • Corporate innovators (corporate leaders and managers in charge of innovation, R&D, marketing, product, HR etc.) – 60-70%
• • Lean startup practitioners and consultants – 10-15%
• • Entrepreneurs, startup founders and agile development studios – 10-15%
• • Representatives of state institutions, academia and media – 15-20%

ICT HUB Corporate Innovation Conference is supported by the the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the ICT Hub as part of the Playground of Innovations project.

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