ICT Hub Ventures Funds Trickest to Develop Innovative Cyber Security Platform

ICT Hub Venture, a Belgrade-based early-stage investment fund focused on building technology-enabled companies with global potential, completed its invest in Trickest, a Belgrade-based cybersecurity start-up, to fund the development of its cloud-based platform focused on automated crowdsourced penetration testing.

Trickest is compiling a software as a service enabled platform (“Trickest Hive”) which will allow companies and individuals to create and automate dynamic security workflows to quickly and efficiently test their systems and detect problems within their networks. Trickest is led by co-founders Nenad Zarić, a former penetration tester at Seven Bridges and bug bounty hunter, and Mihailo Tomić, former data engineer at Things Solver. Together, the team has conducted security penetration tests via bug-bounty programs for Fortune 500 companies such as Uber, PayPal, Spotify, Airbnb, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Based on their considerable experience in the industry, the Trickest team identified a significant gap in the marketplace for an all-in-one penetration testing solution and a global deficit of cybersecurity professionals. Trickest Hive is an easy-to-use platform capable of onboarding a new generation of security experts to create workflows, reporting, and derive lessons from an open-source community. All the tests run by Trickest Hive’s user base will maximize infrastructure utilization, through on-click infrastructure management, delivering expedited test results to further enhance security.

“All tools currently on the market are more or less defensive, and we saw an opportunity to build a platform offering a complete penetration testing platform,” said Co-Founder Nenad Zarić. “What Photoshop is for designers and AutoCAD is for architects, Trickest Hive will be the comparable tool for offensive cybersecurity professionals and penetration testers.”

We are building a platform for both individual cybersecurity professionals and enterprise users, and we plan to position as a bridge between them, in order to address their collective needs,” explained Co-Founder Mihailo Tomić. “In addition to simply ‘raising the walls’ to protect network and applications, Trickest Hive will allow its users to dynamically test for weak points and vulnerabilities, powered by shared crowdsourced knowledge, data analytics and delivering that knowledge to enterprises.”

“ICT Hub Venture is proud to partner with the Trickest team as it works to offer a platform borne of reliable, high-performance penetration testing as the future of sustainable cybersecurity,” affirmed Kosta Andrić, Managing Director of ICT Hub Venture. “Our ICT Hub Venture team is eager to continue our work with Trickest to help build a world-class cybersecurity platform.”

In addition to its dynamic, customizable capabilities, Trickest Hive will benefit from its no-code principle allowing for crowdsourced knowledge to empower and educate a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Trickest has already earned first revenue completing pilot projects for enterprise customers in Asia and Europe employing its prototype platform. Due to heightened demand from initial enterprise clients stemming from increased post-COVID digital network usage, Trickest anticipates launching Trickest Hive for enterprise clients in Q4 2020.

About ICT Hub Venture

ICT Hub Venture is Serbia’s first private venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage technology-enabled start-ups in the Balkans. Along with its investment capital, ICT Hub Venture offers its partner companies support in business development, access to expert mentors across various subject matters, and access to partnership opportunities within ICT Hub family of companies. All interested companies seeking to learn more about ICT Hub Venture should visit www.icthub.rs/venture/. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Miloš Matić (milos.matic@icthub.rs).

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