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Meet freelancers and people from different startups, but also professionals from corporations who also use our coworking space. You will be in touch with news from various domains, and come by new angles for things you work on. With meeting new people, new ideas for cooperation and new business opportunities will come.

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Ana Nešić
Ana Nešić

Sales Manager at LastObject, Founder at Mali proizvođači

During the pandemic, we all experienced remote work, but when you're a freelancer, besides working from home, you are sentenced to yourself as the only member of your team. That is exactly what I wanted from a coworking space - people, a team, the atmosphere. Tenants and employees of ICT Hub are true gold, good people and a crew you can only wish for. Not only did I get my team, but I also got professionals who can help me, with whatever I need. Someone, to write a project? An advertising pro? Want to connect with people from a specific industry? People from the hub have a solution for everything. And the space size, comfort, coffee, and yes, the location, in this lovely park in the most beautiful street in Belgrade, it's just a bonus. I love ICT Hub!

Darko Svetoliković
Darko Svetoliković

Founder at IntellRocket

Neatly arranged workspace. Great, professional, always smiling employees. A pleasant atmosphere and a collegial relationship with other space users. This is why we have been tenants of ICT Hub since our company's founding. In the ICT Hub, we feel at home. We have all we need for focused teamwork. Besides the benefits within packages stated on their website, ICT Hub stands out by the fact that we understand each other well with people we meet there, and we can cooperate with them.

Event venues

smart TV, whiteboard, flipchart, natural light, A/C, WiFi
smart TV, whiteboard, flipchart, natural light, A/C, WiFi
smart TV, whiteboard, flipchart, A/C, WiFi 600/600 mbs
projector, sound system and two wireless microphones, flipchart, A/C and ventilation, WiFi 600/600 mbs and coffee machine
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