Serbia Innovates

To become more competitive, improve its traditional economy and create new export opportunities, Serbia needs to boost its innovation-driven economy.

We identified two key challenges it needs to overcome to do so:

  • Inadequate domestic institutional support capacity and regulatory framework to support innovative initiatives and companies
  • Limited Access to Adequate Financing

To address them, the innovation ecosystem needs the engagement of all capacities on a “big bet” – full focus on one prominent domain (a skill, talent or industry). To achieve this, we started building a Serbian Supercluster, using a globally proven supercluster methodology focused on a carefully selected domain.

ICT Hub is the lead partner and implementer of this 5-year project. Partners on the Project are Public Policy Research Center (PPRC) and Belgrade WM Equity Partners (WMEP). ICT Hub is in charge of all the stages of planning, organizing, and coordinating all activities and monitoring their impact, as well as reporting and evaluation processes. 

Place of execution: Serbia

Key information:

Donor: USAID
Duration: 2021 - ongoing
Partners: Public Policy Research Center (PPRC) and Belgrade WM Equity Partners (WMEP)