Playground of Innovations

The aim of the project was to educate and motivate Serbian companies and individuals to integrate digital technologies into their everyday processes, which increases competitiveness and the ability to grow and create jobs. The project fostered innovation in Serbia’s economy by providing a collaborative environment for traditional and digital businesses. We organized educational activities to introduce to SMEs the innovative business practices that enhance interactions with key customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.

We established a network to connect traditional industries with companies and individuals in the field of digital/new technologies. We fostered the creation of new technology initiatives that support traditional industries. 500 entrepreneurs attended 64 workshops organized throughout Serbia and learned about digital transformation and how to use digitalization to improve operations. We introduced the basic concepts of digital marketing and strategies for improving their online presence to representatives from the business community, employers, and employees. 24 meetups and 3 hackathons were arranged, where 350 representatives from traditional and information technology industries discussed business innovation.

We organized the first Innovation Management Academy (IMA) where 40 future leaders were taught how to manage innovation processes in their companies. We coordinated the first annual Corporate Innovation

Conference in Serbia (October 2018) that brought together stakeholders interested in corporate innovation. The project was implemented by ICT Hub.

Place of execution: Belgrade, Serbia

Key information:

Donor: USAID
Duration: 2018 – 2020

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