D-tour: Improving Digital Skills of Tourism Businesses in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Implemented by ICT Hub with the support of partners Digitalizuj.me from Podgorica and Qlab from Banja Luka, the project aimed to increase the volume of business in the region’s tourism sector by applying information and communication technologies. It targeted all SMEs in the three countries’ tourism sectors.

The activity included quantitative research of the market and the current situation and needs with about 400 respondents, with a focus on the use of ICT tools. This provided insights for creating a curriculum for the series of 9 interactive online lectures on the use of digital tools in tourism.

Also, within the project, three online academies for improving digital skills were realized. From each of the three countries, 15 representatives from the sector of small and medium tourism providers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and businesses with help from eminent experts. Upon completing educational activities, a publication was published covering all activities and information learned from research and working with SMEs in tourism.

Place of execution: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Key information:

Donor: SAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project (EDGE)
Duration: July 2020 - July 2021
Partners: Digitalizuj.me, Montenegro and Qlab, Bosnia and Herzegovina