Cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports

In our continuous cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry supported several of our projects that involved a set of different activities empowering young people in fields of innovation, employability, and entrepreneurship.

These projects included open meetups, startup programs and our special INO3ONA program that boosts innovative skills development among young people up to 30. The project “Young people as bearers of innovation” (2019) gathered more than 500 participants from Belgrade and improved their knowledge and skills.

A similar project, “Empowering young innovators” (2020), realized in the south of Serbia in cooperation with NoLimit Hub from Niš, was focused (along with INO3ONA and other activities) on tech startups, empowering their capacities and making them more sustainable

Place of execution: Serbia

Key information:

Donor: Serbian Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development
Duration: 2019 - 2022
Partners: NoLimit Hub, Niš