Cooperation With the Office of the Minister Of Innovation and Technological Development

Innovation SpaceThe project seeked to contribute to the development of a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Serbia and to the building of the economy based on innovation and knowledge. During the project, 3 major events were realized: the Academy for Innovation Management, the Conference on Corporate Innovation, and a series of educational webinars. All formats were dedicated to innovation and innovative entrepreneurship.

Together with leaders of the Serbian innovation ecosystem and with the participation of a small number of internationally recognized experts from abroad, over 1,000 participants were enabled to seek new business models and innovative solutions that meet modern standards.

The project was implemented by ICT Hub.

Place of execution: Serbia

Building the innovation potential of the key players in the Serbian business community 

The goal of the Project was the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and building a sustainable environment for turning ideas into innovation and their commercialization in the market. We provided a direct transfer of knowledge and experiences related to innovation, as well as mechanisms and tools for the introduction and nurturing of innovation in a wide range of businesses diverse in profiles, structures and size. Within the Project, we organized the Innovation Management Academy, already completed by four generations of representatives of the most significant Serbian companies and a large number of SMEs. Igniting Business Agilty academy was another educational format within the Project, helping employees in all industries make their businesses more innovative and agile. An online publication Innovations in a changed business environment was also created and distributed within the Project.

Place of execution: Serbia

Key information:

Donor: Serbian Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development
Duration: 2020 - 2022