What we do

ICT Hub Project development and implementation unit supports the knowledge-based economy and strengthens the ecosystem of collaboration in the Western Balkans. 

Together with local and international donors, we engage the Serbian and regional private sector, specifically SMEs and startups, and develop and implement projects that empower their sustainable growth in the changing economy. Working with SMEs, we build their capacity, provide technical assistance, help them gain access to finance and provide them with other business services, tailored for their development. We support the development and growth of the regional startup ecosystem, while we support individual early-stage startups with education programs and access to finance through the ICT Hub Venture network.

We empower knowledge, bring together key stakeholders, and help SMEs and startups grow and by doing that, we make the local economy more competitive. 

It all starts with research

The impact of our project depends on how well we understand the ecosystem, its stakeholders, their roles and needs. To support the sustainable growth of any of its participants, we need to have a good overview of the development of the entire ecosystem. Research helps us constantly keep up with this development. 

Idea sourcing

We find the greatest source of inspiration in our continuous communication with a network of local and regional partners – hubs, institutions, consultants and other organizations and individuals with a role in the ecosystem. This, together with research insights, enables us to see the “big picture”, and recognize new needs, growth areas and development changes. Our position helps us connect cross-sectoral excellence to create tailor-made solutions to the identified needs. 

Project development

Even the best idea is only an idea. We articulate the creative solutions into knowledge-based, meaningful, high-impact and sustainable project interventions.


As well designed project proposals, these interventions mobilize long term support of the global and local donor community.

Partnership building

Defined with the ecosystem always in mind, our activities inspire others. We motivate peer initiatives, who recognize our cause and their interest to actively participate and contribute. 

Project implementation

We have the skills, capacity and experience to execute complex interventions that provide value and make a real difference.