Years of development and implementation of donor-funded projects showed us that to make a change, we first need to be ready for changes ourselves: to learn, adapt and carefully map the transformation we are looking for

This is our approach.

Market System Development

In our projects, we use the core principles of the Market System Development (MSD) approach: we study the specifics of the value chain or industry in question, detect the underlying causes of issues we seek to change, provide the support that market participants are lacking, work to improve the rules and regulations relevant for them and promote changes in their behaviour, capacity and mutual relationships.

With such an approach to bringing lasting and large-scale beneficial changes in the ecosystem, we develop custom activities and incentives, and we focus on the behaviour of businesses and other market players – public, private, formal and informal. 

Adaptive management

Adaptive management actively learns from its outcomes to improve resource management. Our experience taught us that the greatest impact and true sustainability of a project lies in management-based experimentation and innovation. Continuous research and exploration need to be integrated into project activities. Monitoring needs to go beyond the quantitative metrics and KPI’s to include the broader context, links among stakeholders and beneficiaries and continuous environment evolution. 

Such an approach focuses on the collaboration of stakeholders who learn and adapt together to create and maintain sustainable ecosystems. It helps the project deal with uncertainties, provides a degree of flexibility in decision-making and allows timely adjustments of direction towards the desired outcomes.

Business transformation methodology

When working with companies on transforming or improving their business model, we use the digital transformation methodology. We apply six sequential phases of digital transformation, with two key points being growth drivers and operational improvement. 

Adjusted to the specific purpose of a project and the needs of its beneficiaries, this methodology ensures optimized results and maximized impact. 

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