About ICT Hub

ICT Hub is a centre for technology entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 2014, in a very short period of time, it positioned itself as one of the key stakeholders in the local and regional innovation ecosystem, bringing together individuals, startup teams, companies, and various organizations, experts and institutions, by providing them with consulting services, pieces of training, educations and overall support on their innovation journeys.

ICT Hub comprises a team of individuals dedicated to empowering innovation, both in smaller business systems that are fighting for their marketplace, as well as in corporations that are making significant efforts to understand the needs of the ever-changing market and improve their current industrial positions. Through a series of educational, mentoring, and consulting activities, all aimed at building and strengthening the community inspired by innovative actions, ICT Hub provides professional support in the strategic approach to innovation, improvement of the organizational culture, and development of technological entrepreneurship, both to partners in Serbia and the SEE region.

ICT Hub’s four key areas of business service segments are:

1. Consultancy in the field of corporate innovation and business development 

Today ICT Hub is the market leader in providing corporate innovation consultancy services in Serbia, with a strong footprint in the SEE region. Our mission is to help businesses achieve organizational growth through innovation by empowering and supporting people and their ideas.

Since 2016 we have become innovation partners to over 50 largest and most successful organizations in various industries by designing, guiding, and implementing many different innovation programs and projects.

Our experts in innovation transformation and business design provide crucial help large organizations need to become more adaptable to a disruptive business environment. New technologies, changes in customer needs and behaviors, and volatile industry dynamics are all challenges and opportunities at the same time.  We develop growth strategies, innovation capabilities, and create new business channels for our clients, placing innovation at the core of their business. Organizations that adopt continuous innovation models become more adaptable and agile in response to change that is inevitable.

We consult, coach, educate, train, and provide hands-on support for our clients on how to:

  • create better experiences for customers by discovering and addressing their true needs and wants;
  • change the way company navigates uncertainty and grow by designing and supporting the implementation of the innovation ecosystem and operating model;
  • have innovation teams work more efficiently, saving their projects time and money;
  • leverage the potential of employees to solve problems and develop new ideas into value for both customers and the company;
  • get into new markets with new products;
  • realize the benefits of collaboration for innovation, especially with startups as agents of change.

2. Inception, development and implementation of donor-funded projects

ICT Hub’s dedicated project development unit aims to leverage its creative and operational potential, as well as its in-depth knowledge of the regional digital landscape to mobilize the support of prominent, globally significant donors, and articulate it towards the accomplishment of its overall mission. Positioned at the strategic crossroad between policymakers, financing instruments, leading implementors, and grass-root communities that comprise the innovation ecosystem in the Western Balkans – ICT Hub is bringing together and empowering a wide specter of stakeholders, successfully facilitating complex multilateral efforts and joint initiatives that foster the culture of innovation across national borders and sectoral domains.

The Project Unit brings a specific and well-balanced set of skills and competencies covering the complete life-cycle of a project – from its inception and articulation into a coherent intervention design, through the comprehensive fundraising process, proposal writing and budgeting, to partnership building and implementation including monitoring, evaluation, impact analysis and reporting.

Throughout the years of devoted work, with an already impressive list of projects under its belt, ICT Hubs Project Unit has been steadily crafting a reputation of reliable associate for donors and partners alike, contributing significantly to the company’s push towards the position of an industry leader and strong central pillar of the regional innovation ecosystem.

3. Office and workspace solutions 

In 2017, ICT Hub opened its centrally located co-working place, becoming one of the biggest regional hubs, offering its 700m2 state-of-the-art workspace to many freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and IT professionals. With its concept of open space and separate meeting rooms, ICT Hub premises have become more appealing to its corporate partners as well, helping create a specific synergy effect where employees from legacy businesses can try out the benefits of working in a place that offers a new and different atmosphere than the one associated with usual headquarters, enabling them to experience the environment where startups and smaller teams – who now lead the disruption across the industry spectrum – can thrive.

4. Investments in early-stage tech startups

ICT Hub Venture is a private investment fund, focused on early-stage technology startups in the SEE region. Through pre-seed and seed rounds of investment, the fund offers up to 50,000 EUR in exchange for 5-15% equity and provides the teams in its portfolio with access to the startup ecosystem, tailor-made development programs, and networking opportunities with key figures in relevant industries who then become their mentors along the way. Its main focus is on startups that have a complete team and a scalable solution that challenges traditional businesses. Our mission is to become the first door startup founder will knock-on.