About ICT Hub

ICT Hub is a centre for technology entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 2014, in a very short period of time, it positioned itself as one of the key stakeholders in the local and regional innovation ecosystem, bringing together individuals, startup teams, companies and varies organizations, experts and institutions, by providing them with consulting services, trainings, educations and overall support on their innovation journeys.

ICT Hub comprises a team of individuals dedicated to empowering innovation, both in smaller business systems that are fighting for their market place, as well as in corporations that are making significant efforts to understand the needs of the ever-changing market and improve their current industrial positions. Through a series of educational, mentoring and consulting activities, all aimed at building and strengthening the community inspired by innovative actions, ICT Hub provides professional support in strategic approach to innovation, improvement of the organizational culture and development of technological entrepreneurship, both to partners in Serbia and the SEE region.

Four key service segments for ICT Hub are:

1. Consultancy in the field of innovation and business development 

Over the years, ICT Hub has become an innovation partner to traditional companies and corporations, developing a variety of projects and programs that help them better leverage a disruptive business environment, whether the goal is a specific business need or a wider industry initiative. ICT Hub’s team of experts helps companies identify new technologies and business models, accelerate their projects and bridge the gap between corporate and startup culture, helping to bring together strategy, technology and people in order to create sustainable and future-proof business practices which will in turn secure a company’s position in a very unpredictable market.

The cooperation between ICT Hub and corporations is achieved through different areas of work:

  • employee trainings and activities aimed at boosting innovation culture and startup way of thinking within companies (workshops and lectures on business model generation, testing business ideas and implementing lean startup methodology, but also organizing internal idea challenges, hackathons, Design Thinking bootcamps).
  • hands-on work on making innovation a strategic goal for a company (mapping innovation portfolios, developing innovation thesis and the overall innovation strategy, working on product co-development and various projects focused on customer-centricity, customer development and creating new customer experiences).
  • supporting communities created around important business issues and connecting corporations with tech startups in order to facilitate the creation or improvement of competitive advantage to its clients.

2. Inception, development and implementation of donor-funded projects

ICT Hub actively participates in digital transformation of the local and regional business entities, by creating and rolling out specific trainings and workshops, providing mentoring and networking support, taking into account relevant policy making and advocacy efforts directed at strengthening the overall innovation ecosystem in Serbia and the surrounding countries (mainly Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro). ICT Hub’s project unit helps donors implement their ideas and achieve the desired goals by providing the necessary personnel, tools and operational know-how needed to get the project up and running on time and following the budget, supporting the development of local capacity along the way.

3. Office and workspace solutions 

In 2017, ICT Hub has opened its centrally located co-working place, which became one of the biggest regional hubs, offering its 700m2 state-of-the-art workspace to a number of freelancers, entrepreneurs and IT professionals. With its combination of open area and separate and enclosed office spaces, ICT Hub premises have become more appealing to its corporate partners as well, helping create a specific synergy effect where employees from legacy businesses can try out the benefits of working in a place that offers a new and different atmosphere than the one associated with usual headquarters, enabling them to experience the environment where startups and smaller teams – who now lead the disruption across the industry spectrum – can thrive.

4. Investments in early-stage tech startups

ICT Hub Venture is a private investment fund, focused on early stage technology startups in the SEE region. Through pre-seed and seed rounds of investment, the fund offers up to 50,000 EUR in exchange for 5-15% equity and provides the teams in its portfolio with an access to the startup ecosystem, tailor-made development programs and networking opportunities with key figures in relevant industries who then become their mentors along the way. Its main focus is on startups that have a complete team and a scalable solution that challenges traditional businesses.